Posted by: theknolesreport | April 28, 2010

The real issue at hand…

So, I’ve been thinking alot about the immigrant law that
just passed here in AZ. I agree we need reform and
there needs to be a better way to govern a people who
live here but don’t actually live here. There also
needs to be a better way to keep the borders more
secure. I’m definitely not against building a better
barrier and creating better checkpoints and more of
them. The problem is, it’s really only about 10% of the
illegals here that cause any real problems. Gang
members, drug dealers, thieves etc. Most of the people
that will be affected by the poor points of this law
are honest, hard working people that came here for
something better and are trying to just take care of
their families. The issue isn’t that they are illegals,
it’s that we make the process of becoming a citizen a
truly arduous task. It used to be that you came here,
signed your name, they gave you an ID number and a
check up and wished you good luck as they sent you on
your broke, determined way. You came here with nothing
and made your way and that made you a citizen. Now it’s
an up to 7 year process to become one. We complain
about not having jobs available to natural born
Americans. Problem with that argument is that the jobs
most of the illegal population inhabit are the jobs
most (and by most I mean like 97%) of Americans
wouldn’t consider doing for even a minute. They rake
the concrete of the over 70 million foundations poured
each year. They mow many of our 27 million lawns. They
wash the dishes, do house cleaning, pick billions of
pounds of fruit or the $4.8 billion worth of nuts
harvested in the us last year. I have friends that have
been without work for months, even years that would
scoff at even the idea of getting up every morning and
doing one of these low paying, painstaking, brutal
jobs. I say take the money that this bill will
ultimately cost us (lord knows how much we will end up
paying in lawsuits for “not properly enforcing the
laws”) and beef up TRAINED security, not these minute
men. Build a better structure between us, and create
more checkpoints along our border. Spend more on
actually attacking these drug cartels and letting them
know its not ok to be here. Elect law enforcement
officials that actually make a difference instead of
dead, expensive weight like Joe Arpaio, a man who
despite carrying a stale loaf of bread in his pocket to
use as an illustration of his tough prisons and thrifty
spending, commands 30% of the states law enforcement
budget. There are other ways to take care of the real
issue of criminal activity due to increased and
unmonitored immigrant activity than this bill that
contains so many dangerous avenues which it could go
down. This is just my opinion, but I happen to believe
I am always right. 🙂